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CHECK ENGINE - SERVICE ENGINE SOON: This is your vehicle computer telling you it has picked up a problem. It doesn't necessarily mean that your engine will stall and you'll be stranded if nothing seems to change while running. However, sometimes you will notice and immediate difference in the way the car runs. Regardless, the warning lamp is on and you need t have it checked properly. Problems can effect driveability, if not noticeable, they can have a negative long term affect on your vehicle if not cared for promptly. A bad O2 sensor can cause your engine to run lean or rich and ruin your catalytic converter which can be an expensive fix later. So, don't take the risk, have it looked at asap and repair whatever is needed.

OIL CHANGE: We won't spend too much here as there's a ton of opinions regarding this topic but we'll share our thoughts. We use a premium synthetic blend oil when servicing our customer's cars. We recommend changing it every 4,000 miles. Why? Honestly, we don't know your driving style - you may be easy on your car, you may tend to have a bit of a lead foot; maybe you tow with your car. The smaller 4 cyl. engines run at higher RPMs than larger V6 or V8s. Turbo Charged engines tend to naturally consume more oil than NA (Naturally Aspirated) engines. A key component, the oil filter gets contaminants that stop filtering your engine properly after 5,000 miles regardless of the oil you use. These factors affect oil life (whether using standard motor oil, synthetic blend or full synthetic oils) and causes the wear and tear on your engine life. Better often than later, especially if you plan on owning that vehicle for a long term. Read

TIRES: Steed Auto Repair cautions driversvthat used passenger and light truck tires that have an uncertain or unknown history pose a potential risk.  This pertains to used tires purchased as replacement tires or as equipped on a used vehicle. Used tires may have been exposed to improper service, maintenance or storage conditions and may have been damaged, which could eventually lead to tire failure. Visit: for tire infor, recalls, maintenance and more.

SUSPENSION: The suspension system has two basic functions, to keep the car's wheels in firm contact with the road and to provide a comfortable ride for the passengers. A lot of the system's work is done by the springs. Under normal conditions, the springs support the body of the car evenly by compressing and rebounding with every up-and-down movement. This up-and-down movement, however, causes bouncing and swaying after each bump and is very uncomfortable to the passenger. These undesirable effects are reduced by the shock absorbers. It is crucial to have your suspension checked frequently, especially if you're feeling a different ride quality. Such symptoms may include, excessive leaning or swatting, a "boat like" ride quality and any odd noise while driving or turning. Bad or worn shocks will cause tires to feather and give driver a bouncy ride, more noticeably at low speed.



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